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If I became a philosopher, if I have so keenly sought this fame for which I'm still waiting, it's all been to seduce women basically.
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List of projects by Application Type - 'Enterprise Solution'

Web site of the official representative of Numatic International Ltd. in Ukraine

Web site of the official representative of Numatic International Ltd. in Ukraine Used technologies: PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript
Application servers / Database servers: MySQL
URL:  http://www.numatic.com.ua
Efforts: 1 man/months
The site contains detailed information about equipment produced under Numatic International Ltd. trademark. Numatic International Ltd manufactures an extensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment in the south west of England. The site is designed in strict adherence to corporate style of parent company. For higher interactivity and illustrative displaying of the equipment the site uses the Adobe Flash and Fireworks technologies. The site features Russian and Ukrainian languages.
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Program complex for ASA univeristy

Program complex for ASA univeristy Used technologies: Microsoft .NET, C++, XHTML, CSS, XML
Application servers / Database servers: MS SQL Server
Efforts: 4 man/months
This program complex was created for inner registration and control of ASA university students (New-York, USA). The registration is introduced in all university departments, the marks are put down by teachers in real time manner. According to put marks the system create consolidate reports for students’ results, make the list of students with good progress in different skills and subjects, and recommendations for students’ employment are created.
The main module of the program created as ASP.NET Web-application using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database server.
Also, we create several additional modules for synchronizing the data with the main university’s database, for removing obsolete data etc.
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Cleaning company Web-site

Cleaning company Web-site Used technologies: PHP, XHTML, CSS
Application servers / Database servers: MySQL
URL:  http://www.chisto.com.ua
Efforts: 2 man/months
The site of “Donbass cleaning company” is a small presentation in Internet of the company. The site is designed according to company’s corporate style and meets all requirements to the modern site. The site easily can be found in all major search engines using relevant keywords and phrases because of pages optimization and site promoting made by our specialists.
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Fedcomshipping Statictics

Fedcomshipping Statictics Used technologies: Java 2SE / Java 2 EE
Application servers / Database servers: MySQL
Efforts: 6 man/months
This solution was designed for Mariupol branch of “Fedcomshipping LLC” company but it is successfully used in other branches of the company including the headquarter of the company in Monaco. The system use client-server architecture (two-tier model). MySQL 5.0.12 works as the database server, providing views and stored procedures support which allows to implement unified corporate rules for database access for every client and departments.
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Archivarius Used technologies: C++
Application servers / Database servers: PostgreSQL
Efforts: 6 man/months
The “Archivarius” solution is designed as two-tier client-server system. The purpose of the system is providing a service of storing electronic copies of the important documents to unrestricted number of clients.
The client part of the system was created for OS Windows (any version) using Visual C++ (MFC) technologies. Database PostgreSQL works as a server in the system.
The system is very simple and easy to use for clients with any computer experience. The installation of the client software is not needed that allows users to run the software on any connected to Internet computer, enter their password and get full access to the documents stored on the server.
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