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List of projects by Application Type - 'Web Application'

Program complex for ASA univeristy

Program complex for ASA univeristy Used technologies: Microsoft .NET, C++, XHTML, CSS, XML
Application servers / Database servers: MS SQL Server
Efforts: 4 man/months
This program complex was created for inner registration and control of ASA university students (New-York, USA). The registration is introduced in all university departments, the marks are put down by teachers in real time manner. According to put marks the system create consolidate reports for students’ results, make the list of students with good progress in different skills and subjects, and recommendations for students’ employment are created.
The main module of the program created as ASP.NET Web-application using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database server.
Also, we create several additional modules for synchronizing the data with the main university’s database, for removing obsolete data etc.
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The guidebook on the city of Mariupol

The guidebook on the city of Mariupol Used technologies: Java 2ME
Efforts: 1 man/months
The main purposes for creating this application are:
To create application: Mariupol city guide (cinemas, cafes, clubs, restaurants, airport, bus and train terminals, etc) which is able to run on most mobile phones.
To include the phones of emergency services in the guide.
To provide short historical note of the city.
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Internet shopping maill and Web-site build Galaplaza.com

Internet shopping maill and Web-site build Galaplaza.com Used technologies: C++, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML
Application servers / Database servers: MySQL
URL:  http://www.galaplaza.com
Efforts: 12 man/months
From the beginning the Galalaza.com project was planned as electronic supermarket consisted of a number of Internet E-shops which were united in one Web site for users’ comfort.
During development it was enlarged to automated Website builder system allowing clients to create their own information or commercial Websites without doing any programming work.
Today the project consists of a number of E-shops, administration module and Website builder modules for self-dependent informational or commercial site create.
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Archivarius Used technologies: C++
Application servers / Database servers: PostgreSQL
Efforts: 6 man/months
The “Archivarius” solution is designed as two-tier client-server system. The purpose of the system is providing a service of storing electronic copies of the important documents to unrestricted number of clients.
The client part of the system was created for OS Windows (any version) using Visual C++ (MFC) technologies. Database PostgreSQL works as a server in the system.
The system is very simple and easy to use for clients with any computer experience. The installation of the client software is not needed that allows users to run the software on any connected to Internet computer, enter their password and get full access to the documents stored on the server.
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