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Fedcomshipping Statictics

Fedcomshipping Statictics
Technology domain: Java 2SE / Java 2 EE
Application servers / Database servers: MySQL
Efforts: 6 man/months.

The program was created to fit our company’s business processes. It allows creating different kinds of reports for the analysis quickly and easily. Those kinds are reports on vessels, on types of charges, on suppliers and other. It can also analyze dynamics of repayment of debts. Now it is possible for us to quickly issue our financial reports for any period of time (1, 2, 10 days, month, year, etc.) with inclusion of a maximum of details.
The economy of time is difficult for estimating, I can just say it is huge as the program has been created and it has started to be used just during substantial growth of volume of work (in 4 times)!
Very professionally made product, all works smooth and clear – just as we would like!

Rytik Valentina
Fedcomshipping Ltd.