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All serious conversations gravitate towards philosophy.
All serious conversations gravitate towards philosophy.
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PHPPHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source, reflective programming language. Originally designed as a high level scripting language for producing dynamic Web pages, PHP is used mainly in server-side application software but can be executed from a command line interface or a stand alone GUI.

PHP competes with Visual Basic and C++ as the third most popular programming language behind Java and C, based on woldwide availability of practitioners, courses and vendors.
Originally designed to create dynamic web pages, server-side scripting is the principal focus for PHP. While running the PHP parser with a web server and web browser, the PHP model can be compared to other server-side scripting languages such as Microsoft's ASP.NET system, Adobe ColdFusion, Sun Microsystems' JavaServer Pages, Zope, mod_perl and the Ruby on Rails framework, as they all provide dynamic content to the client from a web server. To more directly compete with the "framework" approach taken by these systems, Zend is working on the Zend Framework - an emerging (as of June 2006) set of PHP building blocks and best practices; other PHP frameworks along the same lines include CakePHP and Symfony.

The LAMP architecture has become popular in the Web industry as a way of deploying inexpensive, reliable, scalable, secure web applications. PHP is commonly used as the P in this bundle alongside Linux, Apache and MySQL. PHP can be used with a large number of relational database management systems, runs on all of the most popular web servers and is available for many different operating systems. This flexibility means that PHP has a wide installation base across the Internet; over 18 million Internet domains are currently hosted on servers with PHP installed.
PHP also provides a command line interface SAPI for developing shell and desktop applications, log parsing, or other system administration tasks. It is increasingly used on the command line for tasks which have traditionally been the domain of Perl, awk, or shell scripting.

PHP provides bindings to GUI libraries such as GTK+ and text mode libraries like ncurses in order to facilitate development of a broader range of cross-platform GUI applications.

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