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Web site development: Advantages of Web site

Decrease expences on business

Creation of a site reduces your expences.
There is an opinion, that development of a site is enough expensive, let alone its support and promotion. Therefore let's look, how creation the Internet-representation of your company will allow to cut expenses. For this purpose it is necessary to define all over again provisional charges on creation of a site and its further maintenanc. Development of a corporate site will manage to you approximately in $400, and its support and active promotion in $100 in a month.
Thus you can save, first, on advertising. In fact for this money you can place in a network very detailed information on your production, section with recommendations for buyers, news and many other things. It is possible to reduce publicity expenses in printed editions, by giving only the general information on products and services, and for getting a more detailed data suggesting to visit the site. The same is fair for participation in exhibitions and fairs. It is possible to give the client a souvenir with the address of a site, and the information on campaign will be accessible to him. If to give him the multipage booklet - where the guarantee, what he will read through it or even will not lose?
Owing to a site, potential clients can become your real clients. But it will happen only in the event that they will find your site and will become interested in your production (the goods or services). Therefore the opportunity quickly to find your web-site by means of search systems the Internet is necessary, and without problems to find the necessary information on pages of a site (offered production, the prices, conditions of delivery, an arrangement of firm, the scheme{plan} of travel, the schedule of work, etc.). On a site the client should receive quickly that information on which explanation, at traditional business dealing, your managers spend some hours per day (and it is some months in a year). Only one this advantage of a site allows to save considerably at work with clients.
Practice shows, that 10-15 person in a month (about 1 % come on a site) become your clients. However, it strongly depends on specificity of your business. The site created by professionals, pays off for 3-4 months. But it is not necessary to be switched at once to business dealing only in the Internet, only on electronic commerce. It is necessary to change the developed ideology of business gradually. Experts of the company brutka.com can assist you gradually, successfully and organically combine traditional business with business in the Internet, so to cut down expenses on business dealing.


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