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Web site development: Advantages of Web site

Positive company image buildup

Web site builds positive image of the company.
Web site creation is universal and not very exepnsive way to create a positive image of your company. It is suitable as for startups as well as for big companies that are in business for years.
Think about these facts. It is possible to create a prefessionally made presentation on the web and stay in $500 USD frames. At that the compnaie's web site is its virtual office, and this means that order of professional web site is equal to order a professional design and ecor of the office. Do you know how much the authentic author's decor and appropriate office modeling cost? (Or even the rent of such office?) Incomparable more expensive. And it will take much more time, than web site development.
We can also say that influence of the web site to the company image is near the office decor and appearance of employees. Your site has more visitors (much more) than a number of visitors to the office. Many of the clients can make a decision to cooperate or work with the company just after visiting its site. Of course, after web site creted you shouldn't forget about other compnay image elements.
But good individual rpofessionaly made site does allow even to small company to state about severity of its intentions in the business.
As the site is one of the most powerful instruments of company image, one should avoid the following frequently made mistakes when constructing the site:
  1. Create the site, just for site to be. Some owners do not care about web site design and update of information of the site. Site amateour design and obsolete information can only spoil the company image. It should be noted, that only professional and modern site does influence to the image.
  2. Create of empty site. Sometimes company management order the site but do not place any useful information on site (except of price lists, and couple of pages such as about our company, our staff, etc.

  3. At first, such site will not be evaluated by search systems, because search algorythms value the big sites with plenty of information about company key features. This is why the company needs good texts with proper goods descriptions and offered services list. If you cannot prepare this information by yourself you should order these texts for Web site to company that does development of the site.
    Secondly, when a visitor looks through your site he will decide that the saler doesn't know enough about own goods. People do require information before making a purchase!
  4. Obsolete information on the site. And this is particularly important for price lists. You can loose the valuable client if the actual price appears higher than stated on site. But it is even worse to have prices in your obsolete price list on site are higher than actual today prices. The client will just leave to your competitors. And the worst case is to have an obsolete contacts (phones or address) on the site. The visitor will definitely think that your company was closed several years ago and will never return to your site.
  5. Absence of promotion of a site in the target market . Even the best site will not bring feedback if nobody visits the site. Besides it is required to ensure that people interested in cooperation with the company, your potential clients can easily find your site. To ensure it the actions on promotion of a site can be done.
Having avoided these mistakes and having created for the company the site which is interesting to your clients you can not only raise image of your company, but also make your business more profitable. And we can offer you professional services on development of a site of your company.


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