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Web site development: Advantages of Web site

Increase in a sales volume and profit on sales

Creation of a site increase sales volume.
Did you ever think about opportunity of trade through the Internet for increase of sales volume? It is cheap enough and convenient way of realization of the majority of the goods and services. Thus it is universal and suits both for work with retail, and with wholesale clients.
Trade through the Internet can be organized in several ways:
  1. Sale of the consumer goods with express or post delivery. The electronic shop with the catalogue of the goods is developed. The visitor of a site can familiarize with characteristics of the goods, look photos, responses of other clients and to make the order. Thus payment can be carried out as through Internet by means of payment systems (for example WebMoney or a PayPal), plastic cards or cash to the courier. Orders come to your office where they are being processed. Such way of trade is convenient enough. Its unique lack is the delay at reception of the goods by the buyer (time for processing of the order and delivery of the goods). At the same time, the majority of users the Internet are ready to wait to make purchase not leaving from the house.

  2. Modern technologies allow to create huge shop even if the company at all has no the trading areas with the minimal expenses. And efficiency and profitableness the Internet of trade proves experience of such companies as Amazon.com or nix.ru.
  3. Realization of service and the goods which the user can immediately receive after payment by means of a network the Internet (for example melodies and pictures for cellular telephones, access to the closed section of a site, texts, the software, etc.) thus payment is carried out by means of one of payment systems.

  4. In this case competent program realization of electronic shop that payment of the buyer was not lost is very important, and he has received the paid goods or service. Delivery is carried out instantly, and unique lack - necessity of presence at the user of an electronic purse of one of payment systems. This problem can be solved by installation of references{links} to sites of payment systems and granting to clients of detailed instructions on opening the account{invoice}. Sometimes it is possible to use alternative ways of payment - for example, to suggest the user to pay the goods or service under the receipt through the Savings Bank.
  5. Realization of a large consignment of goods to wholesale clients. Thus usually the invoice is given to the client and the goods are reserved for several days.The goods for the significant sum is reserved only for the registered users. It is very convenient mode of work with already available clients, allowing to raise speed and quality of service.
Each of these variants demands specific methods of business dealing and specific program development.
Let's try to answer a question - is it effective enough?. With the appropriate advertising support on a site offering the goods and services of wide consumption will come up to 200 visitors a day. A part of them will make the order through the Internet ( 2-3 %). But much more visitors of a site will come to purchase in your shop or office.
On sites of the firms which are carrying out wholesale trade, th number of visitors will be a little bit lower (up to 100 in day), but it will pay back due to volume of each purchase.
Thus, development of a site will promote increase in a sales volume of the company two ways: by additional sales directly from a site and by increase in total amount of sales due to buyers come after visiting a site of firm. The company brutka.com offers you services on development of various types of the sites corresponding specificity of your business.


Development of a site promotes increase in profit on sales.
Creation of a site of the company allows to increase profit on sales due to increase in volume of selling by sales through a site and attraction of new clients and decrease in charges. Besides thus expenses on advertising and on the maintenance{contents} of the trading and warehouse areas, charges on work with clients are cut down. Your web-site turns to the universal adviser who can tell to the client about offered services and products more any manager, will work round the clock and to not demand greater{big} constant capital investments.
That your site was effective, it is necessary to make some simple things:
  1. To place the information interesting to potential and existing clients. The information on a site should meet a structure of the company and to be full enough that the visitor could make a decision on purchase.
  2. Create convenient navigation system on a site. It should be obvious to the visitor, where is interesting information. All pages of a site should be accessible to the visitor irrespective of a browser used and the installed software. Therefore, if Flash or JavaScript is used for navigation it is necessary to create alternative system of navigation.
  3. Create the design of a site meeting a structure of the company. Use of another's ideas is inadmissible. At visiting a resource at the visitor the complete impression about the company should be made. The qualitative design is your image and reputation in a network the Internet. It{he} will allow to involve additional clients and partners.
  4. Provide constant access to a resource. If your site is placed on a unreliable server which can be disconnected at any moment or which cannot serve necessary number of users even the best site will be inefficient. Your visitor will not wait, if will see the message " a server is inaccessible ", and will simply leave to competitors. Therefore it is necessary to use only those providers who can provide constant access to a site and have a sufficient operational experience.
  5. Place on a site competently made texts, grammatic errors are inadmissible (they can bring all impression of a site to nothing). Correctly made texts will allow not only to involve buyers, but also will help{assist} with promotion (promotion) of your representation in the Internet.
  6. Update the information on a regular basis . It will allow to create a captive audience of a site and to involve clients.
  7. Put clear information how to find the company, how to buy interested goods. Each page of a site should induce to make the visitor of a site any action: to buy, order, call, write the letter, and simply leave a response about the liked goods.
  8. Analyse sites of competitors.
  9. Use only standard technologies. The visitor should have an opportunity to familiarize with a site without installation of the additional software. On one of sites it was possible to meet such masterpiece: " If menu does not work download this file (13.8 MB) ". Hardly many have decided to do it.
  10. Use of correctly working program part. The errors arising at loading, can cross out completely all your efforts even if the site is very interesting.


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